What is Hosting?

Hosting or web hosting is a term used to refer to the location where individuals store their websites. In simple terms, it is just like a room where you safely keep your things. However, instead of keeping your furniture and clothes, you keep computer related stuffs including images, HTML, videos, documents and so on. In most cases, this term is used to refer to a company where you can rent their servers and store your website. It also provides internet connectivity to allow other computers access your website files.

Data Center and Web Hosting

Web hosting is the server used to host websites while data center is basically the facility that houses servers. It could be a house, large building or a room with backup or redundant power supplies, environmental controls such as fire suppression and air conditioning, security devices and redundant data connections communications.

Types of Web Hosting

In general, there are four categories of web hosting and they are all differ from each other. These include Virtual Private Server, Shared, Cloud and Dedicated Hosting. Although all these web hosting types have a similar purpose of storing your website data, they might differ in a number of ways including the storage capacity, technical knowledge requirement, reliability, server speed and control.

Shared Hosting

This type of web hosting allows for an individual’s website to be stored in a similar server with many other websites. All the available domains share the same server resources including CPU and RAM. The cost is low and most people who run websites that have low traffic levels opt for this server. In addition, most people prefer it because it does not require advanced technical knowledge. Its main disadvantages include lack of root access; the performance of a site can be influenced by other websites sharing the same server and inability to handle high levels of traffic.

Virtual Private Server

VPS is a type of web hosting that hosts a single website using a private and dedicated server. However, the website shares the server with several other websites. This allows users to have a root access to individual virtual spaces and enjoy better and secured environment hosting. Some of its disadvantages include inability to comfortably handle high levels of traffic and the performance of a website can be influenced by other websites to some extent.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This type of web hosting provides your website with total control of the server. This means that you rent the whole server to store your website alone without sharing it with other websites. It goes without saying that this type of server is costly. However, it is the perfect choice for people who require total server control as well as better server performance.

Cloud Hosting

This web hosting type provides you with endless abilities to comfortably handle high traffic levels or traffic spikes. Several servers known as a cloud function as a team to host a number of sites stored on the servers. Cloud hosting allows several computers to function as a unit and this allows for easy handling of high traffic. The main disadvantage of this type of hosting is the inability of many setups to offer root access. This is what is needed to change the settings of the server and install some important software. In addition, this type of web hosting has a higher cost compared to other types.


Web hosting is important for your website. Depending on the type of web hosting you choose, the performance of your site can rely on the performance of other websites. The simplest of them all is the shared server, which does not need any expert technical knowledge. If you are looking for better website performance, consider going for the Dedicated Server Hosting. Although it is expensive, you will enjoy better server performance and you will have maximum control of the server.